Our Mission

The China International Business Dialogue on Environmental Governance (CIBDEG) is a working group under the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) and in collaboration with Latham & Watkins. The working group is designed to create a dialogue between multinational businesses and Chinese environmental regulatory authorities regarding best practices in environmental regulation and performance by government and industries, as well as the progression of environmental policy and regulation in China.

CIBDEG’s mission is to provide information and analysis to the Chinese government relating to current industry best practices for achieving high levels of environmental performance, the current landscape and practice of environmental regulations  in the United States and Europe, and the concerns of multinational companies conducting  business in China. Moreover, it aims to inform multinational businesses as to the direction of Chinese environmental regulation and key government enforcement priorities in order to prepare for compliance with new regulations.

CIBDEG is founded on the belief that a transparent, consistent, fair and effective regulatory system will benefit all stakeholders, and that the open exchange of ideas will assist regulators in drafting regulations that are informed by industry best practices and effective in achieving both environmental and economic development goals.